Own US and UK shipping address – another provider!

Since I had to order a horse saddle from the UK recently and most sellers in Ebay offered only United Kingdom as the destination, I had to find some solution to this. I found a company named Borderlinx which is similar to Bongous I wrote about in one of the older posts – they give you your own shipping addresses in both USA and UK which you can use when ordering products from any UK or US sellers. Then they ship it over to your actual living address worldwide. You can visit Borderlinx here.

How to get US Only products shipped worldwide

I just thought that there might be people visiting my site who are struggling to find a seller from the USA who ships internationally. You know, there are all those power steering pumps, engine parts, exterior and interior accessories etc which are often sold only to US addresses in the online stores or in the US Ebay. Well, ofcourse one method is to have a good friend in the USA who can accept your stuff at his or her place and then send it over to your country via some other shipping method. However, I recently discovered a website called Bongous which specializes in delivering such US Only items around the world. They give you your own US address which you can use in any online store and then ship your items after they get them inside the United States. Bongous offers different subscriptions and the fees vary depending on the package you decide to take. It seems that the fees are rather low (either 5 USD signup fee or 15 USD per month if you have more parcels moving). I haven’t tried this solution out myself yet, but I probably will soon. I will then keep you updated. Or, if you have tried it out, please feel free to comment on your experiences.