Gumball 3000 Racers Visited Estonia

A few days ago the Gumball 3000 race participants drove through Estonia on their way towards Monaco. Unfortunately we didn’t see all of the cars since around 20 of them lost their licenses in Finland and some incidents had happened even before. The Estonian police wasn’t too nice with them, either – several guys were arrested for excessive speeding. In my opinion the speeds weren’t THAT bad, just around 140-170 km/h in 70 or 90 km/h zone :) A Ferrari 458 Italia lost the grip in the rain somewhere near Riga (Latvia) and the car was totaled.

Since I didn’t arrive for the right time and didn’t acquire a pass beforehand to take photos fo the cars, I just managed to capture a few and I also wanted to show you the amount of people gathered in our Old Town to see the cars. I think many of them were there to see David Hasselhoff!

GALLERY: Cool cars in Dubai

Recently I had a short business trip to Dubai and it was a cool one! I ofcourse had my eyes on the cars wherever I was and managed to capture some of them, too. I must say that the cars over there were pretty awesome. I haven’t seen so many new and luxurious cars anywhere. I rarely saw a car that was older than 5 years and in downtown there were a lot of very expensive cars. It was great that I saw many American cars – lots of Tahoes, a bit less of Suburbans, also Escalades, Navigators and many sportscars like Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros. A fancy amount of Dubai Mall visitors arrived in interesting cars like AMG S-Class, Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Lambo’s etc. Just see the photos by yourself! Oh and Emirates is the best airline around ;) What an experience.