American Beauty Car Show 2012 Drag Race – Gallery


Corvette Club of Estonia - Corvette C6 Shown

We ofcourse participated at the annual American Beauty Car Show in Haapsalu, Estonia and we took it full power this time. Since me and a few other guys are now running the official Corvette Club of Estonia, we set up two tents with three Vettes under them, a TV screen with GoPro on board camera footage and I was also doing stickers sales there under my company Red Rock Decals. The event was very successful for all of us. Corvette Club of Estonia and Red Rock Decals 1979 CorvetteUnfortunately it was the first year in the event’s history when weather still somewhat ruined it – we got several heavy thunderstorm rainfalls and strong winds. The drag race was also almost cancelled but I had some great weather information from the weather radars we use at work and therefore I said to the staff with confidence that the rain will stop in 30 minutes. And it did :) It was the first time for me to try my Vette on the track. Since the engine build is still underway and I’m estimating around 270-300 HP at the moment from this engine, I got 15.27 secs for quarter mile which is not good but satisfactory for me considering the remarkable wheel slip on take-off and bad gear shifts.

Anyway, below is the gallery of the event! Photos taken by my girlfriend Merlin.

American Beauty Car Show Drag 2012 - Plymouth Barracuda
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