Suburban fuel economy results

Thought I’d post you some of my first observations on the Suburban fuel economy. It hasn’t been the best, especially when I drove it without thinking at all about economical driving style. However, I’ve been trying to push the number towards better and I’d say that driving style is what matters the most.

So, here are the results:


  • General driving style  – 24.5 l/100 km or 9.6 MPG
  • More economical style – 18.4 l/100 km or 12.8 MPG
  • More economical style 2nd try – 19.5 l/100 km or 12 MPG

I’m rather satisfied with 12.8 MPG because my Jeep didn’t do any better either. However, 9.6 MPG is certainly too bad and I shall try to avoid this in the future :)

Fuel additive FFI MPG Caps and my thoughts about it

My friend from work got in touch with someone who promoted this FFI product called MPG Caps. He bought a few of those caps to test and also told me about them. He claimed that he noticed a decrease in fuel consumption and ofcourse I wanted to try it, too. Surprisingly, my Jeep’s consumption went down indeed throughout 3-4 fuel tanks and I wrote down the fuel computer figures after every refuelling. From 20 l/100km I was down to 16.6 at one point. Quite amazing, I thought. Then, one day after refuelling I reset the trip computer and then went through downtown which was just full of traffic jams. I saw 33.2 liters per 100 km as my economy! I’ve never seen such number before and even in traffic jams it usually goes perhaps up to 22. Now, after refuelling again and resetting the computer, doing normal driving in the city and not even going through traffic jams, I can’t get the economy under 22 l/100 km. I drive even much easier than I did before and there just isn’t any decrease. I will have to refuel soon and then I will not add the MPG product anymore just to see if it changes anything. After reading a couple of articles which say bad about the particular product, I must say I’m getting some new ideas about it. Perhaps it decreases the consumption until some stage which after it ends up increasing it instead? Like stock prices if you know what I mean. I’m eager to do some more testing on it and if it really ends up being scam, I will do my best to keep people away from it.

Right now I’m just unhappy with the fact that I joined with the selling scheme and paid around 50 bucks. I’ve also found out that the program is very restricted and you basically have to buy 430 USD worth of their products every month just to keep your affiliate percentage, if you have managed to earn any. It’s easier to start up your own business and do advertising for it, perhaps cheaper as well!