GALLERY: Abandoned luxury cars and supercars in Dubai

Perhaps you saw the photos of the cars I managed to capture when I was in Dubai and there were some pretty neat rides for sure. Then I began wondering that if they buy so many expensive cars there and in Dubai there are certainly guys who don’t even value a “cheap” thing like a car, there should be some of them left abandoned somewhere. And I was so right! It’s very funny and sad at the same time how many really expensive and rare cars are just sitting “in the desert” and nobody wants them. Since crime is almost non-existent there, the cars are usually in pretty good shape. I must say though that even if you got one of those cars, you’d probably have to change all the lights and at least polish the paint. The sand really hurts everything on the car’s body. Acts like sandpaper!

But enjoy.

GALLERY: Cool cars in Dubai

Recently I had a short business trip to Dubai and it was a cool one! I ofcourse had my eyes on the cars wherever I was and managed to capture some of them, too. I must say that the cars over there were pretty awesome. I haven’t seen so many new and luxurious cars anywhere. I rarely saw a car that was older than 5 years and in downtown there were a lot of very expensive cars. It was great that I saw many American cars – lots of Tahoes, a bit less of Suburbans, also Escalades, Navigators and many sportscars like Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros. A fancy amount of Dubai Mall visitors arrived in interesting cars like AMG S-Class, Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Lambo’s etc. Just see the photos by yourself! Oh and Emirates is the best airline around ;) What an experience.