Suburban and K5 Blazer Sold

So we kind of got tired of the old trucks we had and put them up for sale about more than a month ago. It was a rather hard decision since I had invested quite a bit of money into them and taken those trucks to a lot of car shows, including Power Big Meet 2014 with the K5 Blazer. But I just had a feeling that especially the K5 Blazer simply required too much money all the time and a lot of free time to deal with its issues from its age, lack of proper care from previous owners and also rust problems. The Suburban ran more or less fine but since I had owned it for nearly 7 years it ┬ádidn’t really give me that special feeling anymore.

Since the Suburban was a TV star here in Estonia it was even published in a yellow magazine – star-SUV for sale! Funny indeed. As I had put the car ad up the truck sold basically in 24 hours. Pretty amazing, everyone says. I got 4300 EUR for it which I think was fair for a 2WD SUV with 300k + km on the clock.

The K5 Blazer sold for just 2900 EUR although I wanted at least 3500. But the guys were just so eager to get the truck and since there was rust dropping to the ground from several places just by touching these areas with your finger I’d say a 2000-2500 EUR paintjob with bodyworks was imminent anyway.

And then we decided to start looking around for an SRT Challenger… I will be writing more on this and it will get interesting for sure since our new car has been ordered and is about to be delivered in 10 days! I’m just so excited about this.

Jay Leno’s Garage – some of the best videos ever!

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI Jay LenoHi all,

Today I thought I should write about a website which I really adore as a car fan. It’s the Jay Leno’s Garage found at Most of the credit goes certainly to the master Jay Leno himself who is best known for his Tonight Show on NBC running daily in the United States. I like that show too, but it’s just incredible what kind of a car collection Jay has put together over the years. He has practically everything – simply a dream of every boy and man. One of my favorite videos there is of his 1970 Dodge Challenger HEMI 426 which is just a lovely vehicle I wish to own one day. You can watch the Challenger video here.