VIDEO: Most Relaxing Sound For Men 2! Straight Pipe 383 Corvette Revving and Burnout

Here’s a new video of my Corvette’s engine sound! The old 350 engine on the Vette pretty much died a year ago… We built this brand new 383 Stroker onto the Corvette last Winter and it has only been driven this Summer. It’s still a work in progress engine meaning that I need to fine tune it and tweak a lot of carb related things. The engine consists of 750 cfm Q-Jet carb (will be replaced), Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, AFR 195 cc Street Eliminator heads, Scorpion roller rocker arms, Comp Cams XE274H cam, CP Carrillo forged pistons, Scat crank and rods. The exhaust is pretty much straight pipes, Hooker ceramic full headers going to 3″ pipes, then 2.5″, x-pipe, small DynaFlow “resonators” and out from the sides. It’s really loud and I will be tweaking it over the winter… :)

79 Corvette and 71 Skylark to Power Big Meet 2013 in Västerås, Sweden

We started our trip to the largest American car show in the world on the 3rd of July – the Power Big Meet 2013. We took the ship from Paldiski to Kapellskär and it arrived nicely the morning of 4th. The 71 Buick Skylark 454 and my 79 Corvette 383 Stroker were ready to discover Scandinavia! :) I must say the event itself was absolutely unbelievable – it was so crazily big and there were just enormous amounts of people everywhere. The city was pretty much converted to old American style, even the Burger King restaurants had special themes inside. Our trip didn’t go without troubles because within the first hour of driving the Buick hit a sharp bump on a road construction area and destroyed its brand new transmission oil pan! The oil leaked out immediately, the street was full of oil and it was simply a mess! I will post photos of this as soon as I get them from my girlfriend’s phone. I will also then tell the story how we fixed it and still managed to continue the journey. Another issue occured later that evening with the Buick when the engine stalled on a bridge in the middle of Stockholm. There we were again, blocking the road and finding out what to do. Pretty soon we found it was the HEI distributor failing and we took another one from the trunk to replace it :) Always be prepared!

I will now let you go and see the photos – I have again edited them in a slightly different way so hopefully you find these enjoyable!

GALLERY: First American Cars Cruise 2013 in Tallinn

The season opening cruise of American Cars in Estonia took place in Tallinn on the 4th of May. It was an awesome event since the amount of cars was a lot more than last year and the whole event was arranged very well. We began the cruise from a large parking lot at Ülemiste and cruised through the city finally reaching Rocca Al Mare parking lot. Since the Corvette was totally out of service then, we decided to take my girlfriend’s K5 Blazer and we got several compliments on that truck. As always, we stayed together most of the time with the Corvette Club of Estonia and used the club flag on our truck.

Had to Transport the Vette

1979 Corvette C3 Stingray Being Transported on TrailerThe Vette had been sitting in my home garage for the whole winter since last September or so when the engine decided to end the partnership with me. Since then I decided to build a new engine for it and the Stroker 383 project is going to be ready quite soon. I will write more about it in a day or so. Anyway, since the home garage is just a bit too low for proper engine lifting and there isn’t much room to work on the engine when the car’s inside, we decided to transport the Corvette to our countryside where we have a much larger garage and an electric winch in the ceiling. I was a bit scared of the transportation process since I hadn’t transported the car before on a trailer but the process went unbelievably smoothly. The guy who helped us out with the trailer was really familiar with his job and the Vette was on the trailer in no time. I just had to make sure before that all the stuff loose in the engine compartment was secured not to loose any parts in the wind on the motorway. The Vette is now safely in our countryside garage and I am ready to build the engine at home as soon as all the parts are ready.

The engine block is currently being bored, honed and cleaned with new cam bearings installed also. They promised to get it ready for today but I guess that’s not going to happen so I have to wait until the beginning of next week. Basically all of the parts are here except the AFR heads which had a really long delivery already inside the States and still have to fly all the way to Estonia. I really hope they arrive within 2 weeks. The other parts I still need are the pushrods which I have to measure once the engine is almost assembled up to the heads. Then I will place a quick order from Summit to get them here as quickly as possible and finally finish the engine assembly.

1979 Corvette C3 Stingray Being Transported on Trailer

1979 Corvette C3 Stingray Being Transported on Trailer