VIDEO: Most Relaxing Sound For Men 2! Straight Pipe 383 Corvette Revving and Burnout

Here’s a new video of my Corvette’s engine sound! The old 350 engine on the Vette pretty much died a year ago… We built this brand new 383 Stroker onto the Corvette last Winter and it has only been driven this Summer. It’s still a work in progress engine meaning that I need to fine tune it and tweak a lot of carb related things. The engine consists of 750 cfm Q-Jet carb (will be replaced), Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, AFR 195 cc Street Eliminator heads, Scorpion roller rocker arms, Comp Cams XE274H cam, CP Carrillo forged pistons, Scat crank and rods. The exhaust is pretty much straight pipes, Hooker ceramic full headers going to 3″ pipes, then 2.5″, x-pipe, small DynaFlow “resonators” and out from the sides. It’s really loud and I will be tweaking it over the winter… :)

Video of our K5 Blazer 6.2 Diesel Messing Around in the Snow

As some of you might already know, my girlfriend bought a pretty nice K5 Blazer a couple of months ago and we’ve been doing quite a lot of work on it. We captured this video a while ago and I finally had the time to edit it. It’s just short clip of the Blazer driving in snow in the countryside. Hope you like it!

Did You Know Such a Great Rare Muscle Car Existed?

Guys and gals, here I have a little educational clip for you to watch that my friend showed me. I personally did not know about such a rare muscle car at all. It’s worth mentioning that only 1631 of these cars were built in 1970 and they are not even that expensive to acquire! In fact there is a spoiler clone for sale right now on eBay.