How to make decal design onto an old 79 Corvette – Check it out!

Hey everyone,

I’m sort of showing and talking about the happenings around this Corvette in reverse – now I’m showing you the photos of the decals design we did while I still haven’t shown you the photos of the work we did all winter with the engine, interior and other stuff. I’m sorry for doing this but I just couldn’t resist sharing these photos. It took us a lot of effort to create the design since thinking how to do it was already a special task (especially since it’s our own car!) and then all the preparation and final installation… Here you go!

First of all we had to use paper tape on the car just to get the right shape for the decal. We drove the proper cut lines onto the paper while it was still on the car and then hanged the papers onto the wall. We took the photos of the figures, wrote down all the necessary measurements and finally put it all into the computer. There the design was vectorized and everything was equalized and re-drawn since it would have looked awful on the car the way we drove it by hand!

The installation was done by a 3M-certified specialist who is a partner of our company and often does work for us. I’m sorry I don’t have any specific pictures of the installation progress. I thought I took them but now I just can’t find those. What a shame…

Last photos are of the same Corvette in its new suit. I’d say it’s still work in progress since I’m still not sure about the sponsor stickers but the orange will stay as it is – that’s for sure.


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Hey everyone,

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