How We Filmed The Shots in My Latest Corvette Video

I’ve had questions from different people how we filmed the latest How We Found an Old Corvette in the Middle of the Forest (2013) video. Well, we mostly used the Canon 5D Mark II as the camera with a couple of Canon professional zoom lenses, 28mm Prinzflex classic lens, 55 mm Takumar F1.4 classic lens and a rather old Carl Zeiss zoom lens, I believe it was 18-55 or so. We also used an electric camera slider and a professional tripod with a pretty OK Manfrotto video head. We recorded all the audio with Rode VideoMic but we didn’t pay too much attention to the audio recording and therefore the quality is as it is :) The outside shots and driveby shots were filmed with the Manfrotto video head attached to a specially welded metal rack (thanks to my friend Tanel) which was all attached to my Chevy Suburban. The Suburban allows you to lower the rear glasses fully down and therefore it’s quite easy to work out of these windows. I also love how the soft suspension of the truck and its weight kind of stabilize the shots on rough roads.

Here’s a photo of the setup installed to the Suburban:

Canon 5D Camera Rack on Chevy Suburban