GALLERY: Final American Car Cruise 2012 in Rakvere, Estonia

On the 6th of October we had the last American car cruise here in Estonia. The weather was already getting quite bad, the nights were cold and it was raining all the time. I don’t even want to talk about what we have today – a week ago we had our first snow and terrible driving conditions, but now it has all melted and we are left with continuous rainfalls and temperatures around 0…+5 deg Celsius. But enjoy the photos!


GALLERY: American Car Cruise 26th July in Tallinn

Here is our gallery of this month’s American car cruise in Tallinn. We finished my Corvette works last minute before going to the cruise and then we found that the waterneck on the intake was leaking like crazy. What a turndown! I decided to take the car back to the garage and we went with my friend’s Buick Skylark instead. Isn’t it a nice car? Well anyway, the Corvette was fixed the same night and now the leak is gone.

1971 Buick Skylark - American Car Cruise in Tallinn


1st of May – all American cars gather!

So, just like every year, we had our driving season opening event for all hobby cars, but mostly American ones ofcourse. It took place at a freshly renovated quarter in Tallinn called Rotermann quarter. Personally I think that the idea to have the event there was very good and we can be satisfied with the event overall. There were some difficulties finding all the cars since they were parked randomly between the buildings and some locations were a bit hidden. We arrived pretty much at the beginning of the gathering so we managed to park the Corvette at one of the best possible locations – right in front of the stage where the bands played and people talked from. An uncountable number of  boys and girls took pictures with the two black C3 Corvettes next to them and it was a nice feeling to see how people like the work and money I put into my car. Even the American embassador in Estonia was there with his armored Cadillac Deville and he and his wife held a short speech about how they like our hobby and their 1968 Mustang they had when they were young. Certainly plausible to see their support. Below are some nice photos of the cars:

C3 Corvettes 1979 1975

Lots of American Cars in Estonia - C3 Corvettes

1979 Corvette C3 Emblem Logo

1979 Corvette C3 L-48 Engine Emblem Logo Hood