Acceleration of the 5.2 Jeep ZJ

Hi everyone. Last night I just happened to watch some 5.2 and 5.9 Grand Cherokee acceleration videos. I know from the experience with mine that it really goes well from 0 to about 70-80 km/h, then it goes to 3rd gear and looses most of the great performance. This I saw also in the Youtube videos which had captured the gauges during full acceleration. Firstly, I noticed that the 5.2 goes almost as quickly to 50 mph as the 5.9 but the latter just somehow keeps going on and on even after 60-70 mph. The engine power difference is not so much, it seems just as if there’s some advantage in the transmission although they should be basically the same – 46RE in the 5.9 is simply supposed to have a bit stronger components.

The official acceleration time of the 5.2 ZJ is 0-60 mph in about 9 seconds. Actually it seems to do 0-50 in about 6 sec’s and then just drags itself over the 60 mph line. I did some tests today and one way to make it go quicker over the 60 line is to accelerate in transmission “2” mode instead of “Drive”. Otherwise it changes to 3rd gear at around 50 mph and there goes the good performance. I haven’t counted the new time in “2” mode yet but I will try to do it soon.

Yes, I know, trying to get a good 0-60 time out of a Jeep is like wanting a tractor to be also a good submarine. I guess it might have something to do with the thoughts that I have in my mind regarding the Corvette Stingray I’m planning to buy next year. And I WILL tell more about this idea┬áin the near future!