Funny Estonia: Tallinn is drawing bus lanes everywhere!

Alright, things have gone a bit crazy again here in Tallinn. Some months ago the insane city major of Tallinn – Edgar Savisaar – decided to arrange a public voting for free public transport guarantee to Tallinn habitants. He is again clearly trying to grab support from poor and elderly people although they say that they want to make Tallinn more green and make life easier for everyone to use public transportation instead of a personal car. What the heck??? Who wants to ride in a bus now when all the hobos are legally sleeping and enjoying their life in buses? How can they seriously claim that this campaign will make people convert from a car to public transportation? Owning a car is already such a big expense that selling it and getting a monthly bus ticket is a non-remarkable expense. Are we really skipping buses because we have to buy a ticket? Heck no.

A couple of weeks ago Tallinn decided to start drawing new bus lanes around the city absolutely everywhere! When driving in the city now you basically can’t get anywhere since bus lanes are in place where you used to reach certain destinations. During rush hour, the bus lanes are empty while traffic is stuck for hours in the single lanes. Especially funny is the fact that they decided to draw DOUBLE bus lanes to certain roads! This is major insanity, at least in Tallinn where the city traffic is already quite messed up due to poor traffic arrangement.

At least it’s positive that people have gone a bit wild and have begun painting their own bus lanes everywhere on the roads. Finally Estonians have gotten over the fears and step up against the idiots in charge.

Edgar Savisaar (city major) himself, however, decided to use a bus lane to reach his destination quicker. What can we say, huh?

Some Fun Facts About Estonia Where I Live…


As you probably know, I live in Estonia which is a rather northern country of Europe and we certainly have our own little weirdnesses… Here are some facts which in some way really are true! :)

You know you are from Estonia when…

  • You know that going to the sauna is 80% about networking and 20% about washing
  • Words like “veoauto”, “täieõiguslik” or “jää-äär” sound perfectly pronouncable to you
  • … You think that any beverage below 20% is non-alcoholic
  • You don’t think that terviSEKS is a funny word
  • A language should have at least 14 cases
  • You are so proud of every Estonian that you correct foreigners who say that the population is 1 million, not 1.3 million as it actually is
  • You presume that all other countries also have ubiquitous Internet access.
  • You know the names of all three black people living in Estonia.
  • A person that speaks three languages isn’t the slightest bit impressive.
  • If it takes more than 10 minutes to drive somewhere within the city, you are mildly annoyed because it is too far.
  • People who type slowly and carefully using only their index fingers are subconsciously considered to be foreigners.
  • You’re proud that Ernst Hemingway wrote that you can find at least one Estonian in every harbour in the world
  • Ten months of the year it is too dark to be up and two months it is too light to go to bed.
  • You check the thermometer before going out
  • You are nationalistic about Skype (it is actually an Estonian company)