All the lights are green as fans roll into Vegas for the SEMA Car Show

SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Market Association, though to understand its true flavour you might be interested to learn that its original name was the Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association, though in 1970 it was decided that was just a little less than PC. Every year SEMA holds a trade show in Las Vegas and it attracts around 60,000 visitors. There are several thousand cars on display as well as several thousands of specialist tools and components. Unfortunately it isn’t open to the general public, you have to be a SEMA member to attend.
The SEMA show will be held in the Las Vegas convention centre from the 5th to the 8th November. This year it is on track to have a record number of exhibitors, over 2,500 are expected to attend.
The show addresses many different aspects of the automotive after sales business. These include things to make cars go faster and sound louder, typical boy racer stuff, but there is also a great deal of attention paid to making vehicles safer and more convenient. However you can’t quite take the street racer image away, especially as one of the stars of the show is the Dodge Challenger that featured in the Fast and the Furious, the 2001 movie that was the box office number one grossing over $40 million in the first weekend of its release.
The show’s emphasis is on networking. Delegates from over 130 different countries will attend, and most of them are small business owners so there should be no difficulty in getting together and finding new ways of collaborating and new market opportunities. And the Las Vegas venue means there is plenty of opportunity for having some fun, the casinos are anticipating plenty of trade as the delegates won’t be spending much time in their rooms playing slots games like “Granny Prix” or Avalon II slots. There are also a number of short courses and seminars on various aspects of the industry and its markets.

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