Gumball 3000 Racers Visited Estonia

A few days ago the Gumball 3000 race participants drove through Estonia on their way towards Monaco. Unfortunately we didn’t see all of the cars since around 20 of them lost their licenses in Finland and some incidents had happened even before. The Estonian police wasn’t too nice with them, either – several guys were arrested for excessive speeding. In my opinion the speeds weren’t THAT bad, just around 140-170 km/h in 70 or 90 km/h zone :) A Ferrari 458 Italia lost the grip in the rain somewhere near Riga (Latvia) and the car was totaled.

Since I didn’t arrive for the right time and didn’t acquire a pass beforehand to take photos fo the cars, I just managed to capture a few and I also wanted to show you the amount of people gathered in our Old Town to see the cars. I think many of them were there to see David Hasselhoff!

Top car shows to check out in the UK this year

Keeping up with a busy calendar of annual car shows can be quite a task for car enthusiasts, so below we list a few of the unmissable car shows coming up this year. Whether it’s the big ones that you can’t do without or the smaller shows that offer something a little more specific and individual, there is always something for every kind of car lover.

Goodwood Moving Motor Show (11-14th July)

This is probably the most famous car show in the UK, and you can’t miss it because it is the big opportunity to try out all the latest models hitting the streets in the coming year… which basically means the cars at this show are going to be very shiny.

You’ll have the chance to test drive many of the cars on display around the Goodwood Estate, and there will doubtless be lots of famous faces from the world of professional motorsports and beyond present at the show. If you get tempted by any of the cars you see at the show this year you can find insurance deals at and drive away in style.
Future Drive (5-12th May)

Future Drive is all about innovation, ecology and showcasing the future of the motor industry. Some of the excitements of the show include the chance to get coached on motorcycle riding by industry experts, and get a first look at the designs and ideas that are driving the future of the industry.

You’ll get to see and learn about the technologies behind hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars, as well having the chance to test drive cars on the roads around the exhibition centre in London. The event’s sponsors include the online magazine Green Car Design and the Energy Saving Trust, so this is definitely a show for the progressive car driver.
CarFest North (2-4th August)

CarFest North is the passion project of radio and TV presenter Chris Evans. This is a family event with a lot on show beyond just cars. It’s more of a mini festival where visitors can camp and check out top bands, entertainment and cars as they race around the Oulton Park track. This year there will also be a parade of 100 Aston Martins to celebrate the company’s 100th year as an iconic car manufacture.

Not only can you bring your entire family to CarFest, but the event is also raising money for BBC Children In Need, so you know your ticket price is going to a great cause.
Santa Pod Festival of Power (30th March-1st April)

With a name like that you kind of have to check this show out. Taking place over the Easter weekend, the whole family can come out to enjoy some spectacular drag racing including the incredible Nitro Funny Cars.

There are also monster truck shows, stunt driving and other entertainment including small plane aerobatic displays, hovercraft racing, a circus and a firework display. There is loads to do for kids and grown-ups so this is one car show not to be missed.

GALLERY: First American Cars Cruise 2013 in Tallinn

The season opening cruise of American Cars in Estonia took place in Tallinn on the 4th of May. It was an awesome event since the amount of cars was a lot more than last year and the whole event was arranged very well. We began the cruise from a large parking lot at Ülemiste and cruised through the city finally reaching Rocca Al Mare parking lot. Since the Corvette was totally out of service then, we decided to take my girlfriend’s K5 Blazer and we got several compliments on that truck. As always, we stayed together most of the time with the Corvette Club of Estonia and used the club flag on our truck.

Had to Transport the Vette

1979 Corvette C3 Stingray Being Transported on TrailerThe Vette had been sitting in my home garage for the whole winter since last September or so when the engine decided to end the partnership with me. Since then I decided to build a new engine for it and the Stroker 383 project is going to be ready quite soon. I will write more about it in a day or so. Anyway, since the home garage is just a bit too low for proper engine lifting and there isn’t much room to work on the engine when the car’s inside, we decided to transport the Corvette to our countryside where we have a much larger garage and an electric winch in the ceiling. I was a bit scared of the transportation process since I hadn’t transported the car before on a trailer but the process went unbelievably smoothly. The guy who helped us out with the trailer was really familiar with his job and the Vette was on the trailer in no time. I just had to make sure before that all the stuff loose in the engine compartment was secured not to loose any parts in the wind on the motorway. The Vette is now safely in our countryside garage and I am ready to build the engine at home as soon as all the parts are ready.

The engine block is currently being bored, honed and cleaned with new cam bearings installed also. They promised to get it ready for today but I guess that’s not going to happen so I have to wait until the beginning of next week. Basically all of the parts are here except the AFR heads which had a really long delivery already inside the States and still have to fly all the way to Estonia. I really hope they arrive within 2 weeks. The other parts I still need are the pushrods which I have to measure once the engine is almost assembled up to the heads. Then I will place a quick order from Summit to get them here as quickly as possible and finally finish the engine assembly.

1979 Corvette C3 Stingray Being Transported on Trailer

1979 Corvette C3 Stingray Being Transported on Trailer