WATCH THIS: Super Sleeper 1972 Nova – Awesome Car!

Here’s a very cool car featured in a nicely made video clip. The Nova is really a pretty ordinary car to find in the States and it’s not that valuable. The owner of the particular car doesn’t care much about the bodyworks and the looks – you can find some dents if you look closely and paint issues. However, what’s under the hood is just amazing – a 1200 hp Corvette LS2 engine twin-supercharged to get the best out of it! I enjoyed this video.

MY VIDEO: The Old n’ Tired ’49 Pontiac Silver Streak Gets Started Up!

I just finished with a new video ;) This cool automobile looks pretty tired at this point but will be given a new life over the next few years. My friend, the owner, decided to take it for a little spin before the old engine gets taken away. By the way, it’s currently equipped with a 4 litre Straight-6 engine from Russian truck GAZ-51. The car was somewhat “tuned” and then driven a lot during the Soviet times in Estonia.

Hope you enjoy it!

Top Tips for Nurturing the Student Car…

Thanks to James for this guest article!

The Toyota Corolla 1992 is a miracle car, its survived 20 years on the road without so much as a peep from the engine to tell me she’s unhappy. It’s had a fair share of parking tickets and wing mirrors replacements but it still runs like a sports car from the classic 90’s era. For all the antics of the University years, I was blessed with not needing to fork out a fortune on top of the student debt mountain.   The best advice I can offer to nurture the student car is to look after the mechanics and performance.  Cars are like people, they like to be treated lovingly and nurtured to full health.

Car Mechanics

Older cars need regularly oil replacements as the engine consumption is much greater. I use 10:40 oil which is effective with most vehicles; however it’s recommended you check with your Car Manufacturer for best use. Check the brake and washer fluid are topped up and the tyres are inflated to the appropriate PSI. Measurement details can be found in the vehicle handbook and your local dealership should be able to provide you with any missing information.

Car Performance

Unusual sounds or warning lights mean trouble, don’t ignore these and see to them straight away. Warning lights can be relatable to oil levels and temperature and should be addressed quickly. When driving assess the cars performance by monitoring any changes to the cars steering, acceleration and braking. The vehicle shouldn’t pull to one side and the worn brake pads spell trouble. If there is anything you are unsure of, play it safe and visit a qualified mechanic.

Car Nurturing

Cars are like people; treat them as you wish to be treated. Violent breaking, poor gear changes and over acceleration may feel like an informal way to drive stylishly but it wears the vehicle down and will almost certainly incur higher maintenance costs in the long run. Cleans the headlights and get it serviced by the vehicle manufacturer, your car will appreciate this car.