LIVE TRIP REPORT: 5th Day on Euro-Trip


Here I am sitting in a hotel lobby in Innsbruck, Austria and I finally got time to write about the trip we’re on right now. It’s already the fifth day and pretty much fun has been happening. We started the trip on Tuesday’s eve with my girlfriend and a friend – car being his 2008 Ford Mustang V6. It’s certainly not what you would call a perfect road trip car for more than 2 persons but since my gf is pretty short we have made our places comfortable and it’s not a big pain on long drives for any of us. Anyway, we started the trip from Tallinn, Estonia and drove right through Latvia, Lithuania and Poland without sleeping in a hotel. We tried to take short naps in the car and even if it seemed impossible at first, we all fell asleep (not at the same time!) once we had all driven for a couple of hours in the darkness.

Estonia – pretty OK to drive through. Latvia – not that bad, pretty similar to Estonia in this matter. But Lithuania – lots of road constructions, random things sitting on the road what I identified to be smashed-through-pieces of the temporary road side markers, traffic jams and slow traffic even at night. We were hoping that after reaching Poland early in the morning and driving a couple of hundred kilometers we would find our way to the brand new highway leading us to Germany. Unfortunately almost half of that was still under construction with speed limited to damn 60 km/h and we managed to place ourselves onto that wannabe-highway also several hundred kilometers from where we were actually supposed to because of the Garmin GPS not doing its main job properly. I did load the newest 2013 City Navigator maps onto it but nothing.

We finally reached Berlin after about 23 hours since departure and stayed at my friend’s friend’s place :) Right after crossing German border we all smiled because Germany means good highways, no speed limits and pretty, clean views everywhere.

We drove south from Berlin the next day, visited Dresden and slept near Munich. This morning we began driving towards Austria to climb up to the highest mountain of Austria – the great Grossglockner and the stunning mountain road up to the hill next to the big mama.

There’s not much that I can say about it in words since pictures say a lot more as always. Just enjoy the gallery – driving there felt like driving on the road up to heaven.

Driving to Heaven - Grossglockner Mountain Road in Austria