VIDEO: Lizzy Musi Dragracer Crash – What an Awesome Video

Guys and gals, check this out! That girl is a wild one. The crash looks quite serious in the video but fortunately the cage kept the lady in one piece. Another stunning thing about the video is that one of the cameramen was dangerously close to the accident and didn’t even jump away until the last millisecond. He’s certainly a lucky man and should celebrate his second birthday for sure.

Funny Estonia: Tallinn is drawing bus lanes everywhere!

Alright, things have gone a bit crazy again here in Tallinn. Some months ago the insane city major of Tallinn – Edgar Savisaar – decided to arrange a public voting for free public transport guarantee to Tallinn habitants. He is again clearly trying to grab support from poor and elderly people although they say that they want to make Tallinn more green and make life easier for everyone to use public transportation instead of a personal car. What the heck??? Who wants to ride in a bus now when all the hobos are legally sleeping and enjoying their life in buses? How can they seriously claim that this campaign will make people convert from a car to public transportation? Owning a car is already such a big expense that selling it and getting a monthly bus ticket is a non-remarkable expense. Are we really skipping buses because we have to buy a ticket? Heck no.

A couple of weeks ago Tallinn decided to start drawing new bus lanes around the city absolutely everywhere! When driving in the city now you basically can’t get anywhere since bus lanes are in place where you used to reach certain destinations. During rush hour, the bus lanes are empty while traffic is stuck for hours in the single lanes. Especially funny is the fact that they decided to draw DOUBLE bus lanes to certain roads! This is major insanity, at least in Tallinn where the city traffic is already quite messed up due to poor traffic arrangement.

At least it’s positive that people have gone a bit wild and have begun painting their own bus lanes everywhere on the roads. Finally Estonians have gotten over the fears and step up against the idiots in charge.

Edgar Savisaar (city major) himself, however, decided to use a bus lane to reach his destination quicker. What can we say, huh?

5 of the World’s Smallest Cars

Thanks to Heather again for this nice guest article!

When it comes to cars, people tend to believe the “bigger is better” motto, but that isn’t always the case – just take a look at the Mini Cooper S, which won the Monte Carlo Rally three times despite its petite size. Small cars are convenient, and are often more environmentally friendly than their larger counterparts, making them a great alternative for drivers who are looking for a more compact and manageable day-to-day vehicle.

How small can cars get, though? Here’s a look at some of the tiniest cars in the world.

Peel P50

With only fifty cars being built in its original run, the Peel P50 is renowned for being the world’s smallest car. A recent surge of interest has seen the hand-built car, as well as its cousin, the futuristic and bubble-like Trident, go back into production. It’s a small enough car that can be driven into and around the office; and, coming with a single leather seat, a single windscreen wiper and washer,the  Peel doesn’t skimp on luxury.

Peel have two available motors in 1.6 and 4 horsepower, with the former being able to reach top speeds of 25km/h, and the latter a breakneck 65 km/h, although Peel have limited this to 45 km/h.

Zagato Volpe

Here’s one for all you environmentally conscious types: the Volpe is the world’s smallest electric car, being able to fit inside a lift. For a tiny car, it is relatively spacious (and I use this term very loosely here), being able to fit a total of two people. So, what are you going to do with such a small car? Drive it up to your desk and recharge it for the commute home, of course!


Perhaps one of the most prolific microcars, the Isetta allowed the aptly-named ‘bubble car’ its rise to fame. Being featured in a number of films, television shows, and music videos, the Isetta became wildly popular – an icon of European sophistication.

Elbil Norge Buddy Cab

Though you may be inclined to believe that all Scandinavians are tall, the wild popularity of the Elbil Norge Buddy Cab puts something of a damper on this. A tiny car that emits low pollution, the Buddy Cab is more practical than most microcars, which can be considered primarily for their novelty. With a surprisingly affordable price, the Buddy Cab is preferable to most second hand cars.

Commuter Cars Tango

Commuter Cars, an American company, has had something of a famous customer base. George Clooney was its first customer, while Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, owns three. With a separate motor for each wheel, the Tango goes surprisingly fast, going from zero to 60 in less than four seconds.