GALLERY: American Car Cruise 26th July in Tallinn

Here is our gallery of this month’s American car cruise in Tallinn. We finished my Corvette works last minute before going to the cruise and then we found that the waterneck on the intake was leaking like crazy. What a turndown! I decided to take the car back to the garage and we went with my friend’s Buick Skylark instead. Isn’t it a nice car? Well anyway, the Corvette was fixed the same night and now the leak is gone.

1971 Buick Skylark - American Car Cruise in Tallinn


Three Things to Know When Buying A Car In Australia

Thanks to Heather for contributing an article!

Buying a car when you’re in a different country can be an exciting but difficult process. While you can get access to cars that you may have never seen anywhere else, you’ll also have to deal with different buying guidelines and regulations – plus, it can be hard to weigh up all your options if you don’t know about the second hand market or financing.

Australia has a great car market, but to take full advantage of all the possibilities, you need to know the ins and outs of the buying process. When you plan to buy a car in Australia, make sure you keep these three things in mind.

Explore all avenues

Australia is a large country, so if you’re planning to buy a car, keep in mind that there are many places that you can find your perfect car. Car dealers are an obvious choice for new cars, and importers may offer you a model that you actually want; if you are looking for a second hand car, however, you are in much more luck.

There are many places that you can find second hand cars in Australia, whether it’s through car dealerships, advertisements in the newspaper, or online where websites such as Gumtree and have a wide range of models and sellers at your price range. A word of caution, though: if buying second hand, you should inspect the car for any particular malfunctions that may occur, as well as being aware of state laws regarding registration. If in doubt, bring a friend along and get them to check the papers for you!

Financing your car

If you’ve found a legally obtained car in great condition, there is still the question of how you are going to afford this. It’s doubtful that you will have $50,000 cash in hand, so don’t be afraid to explore your options with regards to car loans. There are a variety of outlets and options when financing your car, but, as a rule of thumb, you should be aware that the most convenient option – that is, financing at the dealership – will not be the wisest option, as you may be subjected to uncompetitive rates and pressure for add-ons that you’ll find you can’t afford. A bank is perhaps the safest option, and, while this may be less convenient, it’s well worth it. You could also turn to private financing institutions, but these vary too much to be able to say something substantial for them. Do your research in Australia, and look for the most attractive option to you.

Research, research, research!

The more you research your options, the better off you will be. Remember, if you can take the time to look at equivalent options, whether for cars or for financing, you can drive a hard bargain and, soon enough, your dream car around the Outback.

It can be difficult settling into a new country, but if you take a little extra time to find out what Australia’s car market is like, you will be the ultimate benefactor.

GALLERY: Abandoned luxury cars and supercars in Dubai

Perhaps you saw the photos of the cars I managed to capture when I was in Dubai and there were some pretty neat rides for sure. Then I began wondering that if they buy so many expensive cars there and in Dubai there are certainly guys who don’t even value a “cheap” thing like a car, there should be some of them left abandoned somewhere. And I was so right! It’s very funny and sad at the same time how many really expensive and rare cars are just sitting “in the desert” and nobody wants them. Since crime is almost non-existent there, the cars are usually in pretty good shape. I must say though that even if you got one of those cars, you’d probably have to change all the lights and at least polish the paint. The sand really hurts everything on the car’s body. Acts like sandpaper!

But enjoy.

Best Car Movies Every Guy Should Watch

Thanks to Heather who contributed an article for me!

Every guy loves driving, cars, and the adrenaline of speed, but let’s face it: not many people get to drift on mountain trails or speed through the streets of San Francisco at over 200km/h. For those of us who aren’t as lucky as Keiichi Tsuchiya or Ken Block, movies are about as close as we can get to the real thing.

There are plenty of racing movies out there, but only a handful of great ones – these movies will make you want to hop in your car and drive, drift, and race before the end credits start rolling.

The Italian Job

It’s one of the quintessential heist movies, and it’s hard to tell what’s best about it: the mind-bending complexity of the heist itself, or the excellent use of Mini Coopers to execute it. Regardless, you can expect a fast, thrilling movie that you’ll watch time and time again as a car lover (even though a Lamborghini Miura gets completely trashed in the beginning).

The Fast and the Furious franchise

It’s had several sequels and prequels for a reason: people can’t get enough of The Fast and the Furious. Each film in the series has it all: crime, action, and, most importantly, adrenaline-pumping racing scenes. Never mind the fact that Dominic, played by Vin Diesel in the series, completely trashes his father’s 1970 Dodge Charger; there are scores of tuned up imported cars, with neon lights, carbon fibre panels, and nitrous oxide that you can gorge your eyes on.

Oh, and don’t forget the death-defying stunts that you shouldn’t ever attempt yourself in reckless disregard for either your car’s or your own safety, unless you are insured by a company like InsureandGo.

The Blues Brothers

With catchy musical sequences, some genuinely funny moments, and characters that will touch your heart, it can be hard to believe that there could be any more to this incredible film…but there is. The Blues Brothers wouldn’t be the same movie without its car chase scenes, starring the Bluesmobile, a 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan. Expect bazookas, bombs, and ridiculous numbers of police cars piling up as they try to catch the Blues Brothers.

Death Race

Death Race takes place in a future where prisoners at a penitentiary race each other, literally to the death. While the obstacles of the course are already dangerous enough, prisoners also have to be wary of each other, as each car is armed with offensive and defensive measures that, of course, result in huge explosions. You’ll find yourself wondering if the Terminal Island is a really another name for a place with travel insurance; Australia, for example.

So the next time you’re looking for that adrenaline rush and don’t want to be pulled over by the police, flick on one of these movies – it’ll be sure to get your blood pumping!