Christmas Time! And Our Winter Adventures…

First of all, I wish a Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays to everyone reading my blog! It has been a real pleasure having you as my reader and I hope you all continue following this blog next year as well.

So, yesterday it was Christmas Eve and another snow storm began here in Estonia. Just like any other day, huh? Nop – this time I swear it’s worse than the one before. There’s already just so much snow that you wouldn’t believe. I don’t want to know right now what we’re gonna have by Spring. Anyway, we drove the Audi quite a lot yesterday and suddenly we noticed the red battery light had come on. Well, I didn’t think of anything too bad then since it could have been just a temporary sensor issue or whatever these computer-filled machines can come up with any day. So we arrived at our countryside and had our dinner etc. We had to take some guests to town and then the Audi started up nicely although the battery light came on again. The snow had already built up a nice layer over the little road we have there and we barely managed to get through. As soon as we got through the small road, the car began acting weird. Front lights went yellowish, ESP warning came, then ABS and suddenly all the dash went dark, then the exterior lights went out. We couldn’t see anything, just the engine was still running. We managed to drive it back through that horrible road and then the engine began acting up so we parked the Audi and shut it down. Now it’s sitting there waiting for a doctor. Will let you know how it goes…

Belarus JUMZ Tractor Excavator Escaping from SnowThis morning we woke up and found SO MUCH new snow that it was just hard to believe. Our little road was so full of snow that we didn’t even think of plowing it with our tractor since it would have been a huge mess. So we decided to plow a whole new road through the forest which ended up also on the same main road we use. That wasn’t very easy either. The Belarus Jumz russian tractor from the 1980’s is a real beast and it’s incredible how nicely it’s able to pull itself through everything. However, today we managed to get it stuck at least 3 times. The last time which was just some meters away from the main road, the tractor skidded a bit to the side and got so stuck that the only way to get it out was to use its excavator in the back. It took more than 30 minutes and in the middle of the process the engine died and it took a while to get it started again. Probably the fuel line got clogged somewhere.Belarus JUMZ Tractor Excavator Escaping from Snow



Once the road was open, I drove the Suburban out and it was pretty incredible how well it drove once you have gained some speed. Just a lot of throttle and through you go.

Here’s a picture of the larger motorway, pretty bad…

A Lot of Snow in Estonian Winter - Pärnu Motorway

Winter is Getting Deep Here – More Snow To Come

Hey all,

Just thought I’d show you some pictures of the snow we have here right now. As you can see, there is really a lot everywhere by now and thank god I drive an Audi Quattro. It’s the perfect car here although sometimes the snow gets so thick that a vehicle with more ground clearance would be even better.

We are expecting a great amount of extra snow from tomorrow and perhaps about 20 cm or 0.6 feet of increase in the snow layer.