My Blog Has a New Look!

Hey everyone,

Woohoo – I finally finished with the new look for my blog. I was just so tired of that white blog and decided that I needed a change. I hope you like what I have now. Yes, it is our Suburban in the background and this photo was taking this morning when we already had a bunch of snow. We really got into the winter overnight and we are having just huge snowfalls from last night and still going on. At the moment it’s so heavy that I’m really scared, but also curious to see what we will have on the ground theĀ  next morning. The local time at this moment is 23:32 in the evening and watching out of the window it’s just a lot of snowflakes playing around behind the window and the visibility is pretty poor thanks to that.

Today’s photos for you to see first hand… Even our horses were having a lot of fun!

Traffic in Tallinn – an Experience Totally Worth Your Fuel Money

I live in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We are located in Eastern Europe, south of Finland for those who don’t know. I am sorry but I have to say that our population is full of cowards. Everybody is doing their own thing and generally we stay quiet and calm even if the government or whoever decides to do something that greatly disables us doing “our own thing”. An Estonian is well known for not making remarkable resistance to anything. The war began – Estonians sang. The war ended, they again sang. The government decides to establish an utterly STUPID tax like the 1% Sales Tax in Tallinn in addition to 20% VAT (which they raised to 20 from 18 during economical crisis!) which no business still precisely knows how to calculate and pay properly. And everybody wrote about it like I’m doing here but nothing was actually done against it. There are never any strikes against anything here, only sometimes a couple of dozen people gather in front of the Parliament building in the Old Town and very nicely raise some posters or signs saying what they would prefer instead. Everyone part of that strike would still be real glad to meet anyone from the Parliament personally and ask for an autograph. I mean – very few people really DARE to stand against them and very few people dare to protest against stupidity that we all encounter in our everyday life.

Getting closer to my topic, I want to tell you about our traffic and what you can often see here. Firstly a brief explanation of myself – I consider myself a fine driver who generally behaves properly in the traffic and rarely breaks any rules. I don’t have any fines from the police so far and I’m not struggling to get any either. All of us sometimes go slightly over the speed limit if we’re in a hurry and perhaps cross the intersection with yellow light. Yes, if you’ve got a Corvette like I do you sometimes race from a traffic light with someone without really going over the speed limit by a remarkable amount. Everyone does that. I’d say this is not perfect but it’s OK. However, some people have completely leave their brain behind when they hit the traffic. Even if they are quiet pussies in person they sit in their Beamer and become road devils who go around or through everyone in their way. These people are generally never in a hurry – they just believe that it’s a symbol of richness and wealth to own a BMW (even if it’s 15 years old) and drive it like a complete maniac on the streets without using turn signals and speeding through “pink” or even red lights.

I am not afraid to say that those pigs are just disgusting to me. When I drove the Chevy Suburban on a daily basis I sometimes got so mad at these people that I just had to make their life a bit hotter. I remember an episode from wintertime when we stepped onto the street from my house and heard engine noises coming towards us from somewhere pretty close. Just a few seconds later four or five idiots in their older Hondas, BMWs and whatever other crap they could find turned to our street drifting on the snow and speeding/drifting through the whole small street between people’s cars parked in front of the houses. That moment I said to my girlfriend to get quickly in the truck and I went after them. Very soon I found them gathering at a parking lot nearby and slowly driving out of there one by one. Just before the last Accord managed to get out I cut his way by stopping the truck in front of the parking lot exit and he had nowhere to go. We went out of the truck and asked the young man what the heck is wrong with them. He said that he hadn’t done anything. I just told him that they shall not be seen on these streets anymore and to get the hell out of our sight. It worked.

Once I drove home from a birthday in downtown during midnight and suddenly there was a new BMW X5 stuck behind me so close to my tail that I could barely see him from the mirror. The street was completely empty so it was clear that he wanted to show off something. I hit the brake and accelerated but he was again back in the tail. Then I just slowed the speed down to almost a halt and turned on the hazard lights in the middle of the street so I could find out what the heck was his problem. He then quickly passed me as fast as he could. I still remember his license plate which was “U2″. What a damn coward and moron in one person. At least don’t use a license plate that I can remember to this freakin’ day.

Then there was a silver 98-ish Mercedes E-class full of who appeared to be Russian men speeding through the traffic in downtown by using opposite lanes and going over double lines like nothing. I managed to maneuver myself legally behind them later on, accelerated at full throttle just like wanting to crash into them and then braking just behind them, then I horned them with the air horns for some time. They quickly turned off the street to some parking lot and I saw their monkey faces staring our Chevy from far away scared as hell. I hope they wet their pants.

In the Audi I no longer do such stuff since it’s a solid executive car where I prefer to relax in comfort and just enjoy the ride. I can’t scare somebody so well with it, either. I have told some idiots through the window what I think of them but if I see something too extreme, I just call the Police and inform them about the license plate and driving direction.

Today I also encountered a peabrain in a new BMW M6. Where the hell do they get these cars, by the way? I know many wealthy people but they all drive like normal people. Anyway, I made a left turn onto the mall parking lot with some other cars when the M6 passed all of us on the turn through opposite lanes and cut our way. Then there were cars standing in front of the pedestrian zebra waiting for people to pass when the M6 came and passed through there also somehow. Ofcourse no turn signals used and he proceeded straight towards the exit without intending to stop at the parking lot at all. He passed through the red light onto the next road and I decided to go after him. He was stuck in the next traffic light and I just called the Police and they were glad I did. Just some 15 minutes later it was said in the local radio that police patrol was noticed on that same street. Hopefully the moron got what he deserves.

These are just some encounters with idiots in the traffic here. I am sure many of you have similar stories to tell depending on where you live. I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for more than half a year and I don’t really remember anything like that from there.

Winter Seen – Suburban on a Strike

Hey all of my readers,

First of all I’m so glad to report that the visit statistics to my blog have been rising since day one and it keeps going up each month. I’m very happy about it because this here is something that I created purely for my own fun and for your pleasure without any business ideas in mind unlike most of my projects that I start. But enough about this, I’m sure this is something you don’t want to hear very much about! Let’s show you some pictures, then:

Chevrolet Suburban in Snow


That’s what we had to cope with about a week ago… We had such snow basically out of nowhere because it was constantly around +7 C during daytime and no snow could survive on the ground with such temperature for long. That day the temperature stayed below zero even during daytime and it created some serious winter conditions on the roads. Since I drive the Audi A6 on daily basis now and the Suburban stays in the countryside, I decided to take the Chevy out and experience the “awesomeness” again that it so easily provides in slippery conditions. If you want some adrenaline, get a rear wheel drive Chevy with mid-aged M+S tires and have a ride in winter on roads which have not been plowed/melted. I guarantee you a lot of fun or your money back :) Driving the Suburban in such conditions is challenging to say the least. Especially if you come from a near perfectly engineered 4WD german automobile. The first thing you notice is that it’s really complicated to get going without spinning the rear wheels + having the rear end turning either left or right due to slightly banking road, differential behaviour or whatever else the physics can come up with. I’d say that if you try to accelerate to cruising speed at such throttle that you’re used to on a dry road, the steering experience will be similar to that of a speed-boat. Alright now, you’re at cruising speed on a straight road and everything seems alright. But there’s a curve, or even worse, a roundabout ahead! You brake aChevrolet Suburban Driving in Snownd it could easily be that nothing really happens except under your foot where the pedal begins vibrating thanks to ABS. You really need to plan the braking with this vehicle or you will cause trouble. I rear ended a guy last Winter in the morning on a little slope downhill. It had snowed all night and all the critical roads were not properly maintained yet. The speed was just around 15-20 km/h and I saw that there’s an Opel Zafira waiting on the stoplight ahead at the end of the slope. I began braking soon but there was just no chance of stopping in time. I heard a collision noise a million feet in front of me where the bumper guard happens to be :) I didn’t feel anything and once I stopped I had pushed the Zafira a couple of meters forward. His tail was nicely smashed in and the insurance paid a nice 1200 EUR fee to fix his car. I just caught some of his paint on my bumper guard. It ruined my color setup though since the bumper guard was supposed to be ALL BLACK and now it had purple on it!

It’s especially embarrassing with the Chevy here in Estonia during winter time since everybody thinks that it’s an offroad vehicle and is not supposed to get stuck. Last winter I was stuck absolutely everywhere you can possibly get stuck in a vehicle with more than 3 wheels. It was a nightmare. Every morning I had to go to work I woke up an hour earlier just to see what had happened outside over the night and to prepare for any contingency. We lived one period of winter in a flat with my girlfriend and you have to park the car outside. In addition to the fact that I had always taken the space of two normal cars, I often needed to shovel a hole somewhere in the snow for my Chevy and oh God it took time… Imagine that you work for at least an hour to make a spot for your car and the next day some idiot has parked his Corolla there. Oh you would have seen some swearing from my end these moments… I had thoughts from speeding into that spot “without noticing” the Corolla there to installing a CRIME SCENE tape around that spot or placing a sign saying “CHEVY PARKING ONLY – All others will be towed and sold for scrap”. I didn’t do any of that though since in the end I’ve still got a good person somewhere inside me.

So, the Suburban is a nice little car but lately it began causing problems to us. I don’t know why – it just has to mess with our minds periodically. Over the winter it’s just plain easy to get stuck in the snow with no big effort but right now when there’s not much chance for that yet, it has to find some other way to get on our nerves. One day I refueled it with 98 Octane instead of 95 which shouldn’t really cause any issues. But somehow it did. Right after that I got the Check Engine light and when starting up the engine next time, it started real rough. I put 95 on top of it and that then made things even worse. I’m not saying that there’s any connection between the refueling and engine issues but somehow they happened at the same time. A few days ago I wanted to have a ride in the Chevy and it didn’t start at all. There was like no ignition… The starter kept rotating very nicely but no chance of starting it. I finally managed to fire it up by removing the air filter, having my girlfriend crank the starter and me spraying some brake cleaner spray to the air intake at the same time. I can start it without doing this once the engine is warm although I really need to give some throttle with my foot and it shoots some black smoke out from the exhaust. It acts like an old diesel although it’s actually gasoline! Will see about this, don’t really have time to mess with it all my free time. I’m letting the Suburban feel a bit guilty before doing anything myself. Maybe that will help?