Bumper Guides ordered for the Suburban!

Alrighty! I thought it was about time to order something cool for the Suburban exterior and this time I decided the accessories to be bumper guides. These are the shiny posts attached to the front bumper which look real good on any truck with hood and they also carry yellow lamps on top which function as corner markers and turn signals. I ordered the guides from the best known American manufacturer of such items named Bores Manufacturing, Inc. Here’s a list of what they are offering.

For those who don’t know, here’s what they look like:


Many updates on my blog

Hi all,

Today I decided to take some time and carry out a number of updates on this blog. First of all, I thought the header image needed some new looks since I had much better photos available of both the vehicles by now. So, there’s the new header! I also updated the Corvette To-Do List and added a To-Do List for my Chevy truck. Many new photos were added to the dedicated photo pages.

Finally, I added a feature to send me an e-mail in case you would like to get more information about the cars or how I have solved some issues.