Photo session of the Corvette

Hi all,

Long time no new information here, but the present moment makes an end to this silence :) Again, I’ve been busy. I have my Air Traffic Controller job and all sorts of other activites with my businesses. Still, I managed to accomplish one of my long time ideas to gather two friends, one with a car and another with camera, and have a highway photo session of the Vette. So, off we went with my photographer handling my EOS 40D in the Monte Carlo SS. Oh well, the friend who was supposed to be taking good photos almost got really angry at us because we just couldn’t stop playing around and passing each other at full throttle! In the end we were still able to capture some decent stuff. Editing was done by me. When we finished shooting, we went to a drive-in and accidentally there were two Firebirds also in the queue. So we began talking and made some new friends.