Several improvements done to my Suburban

While the Corvette has not received much new stuff lately (I’ve been correcting some paint damage etc) I decided to spend some money into the Suburban before I have the Vette’s rear end rebuilt. Last week I went to one of our American car shops and they are selling all kinds of cool things there. The main reason I went there was to pick up a new power steering pump since my old one was messing up sometimes and causing the wheel to become harder to turn. So, I picked up the new pump and what I saw was a large amount of license plate frames which had just arrived from USA. I went through them and I immediately found some good ones that would fit the Burb. So, I picked some of them out, went to the truck to see how they would look and finally decided to buy a shiny chrome-coated frame with Chevy logo and CHEVROLET text, both covered in real gold plating for the shine. I must admit I had to pay about 75 bucks but I think it was… well… I can’t say WORTH it, but it was a good emotional decision :) The package included both front and rear frames, by the way.

Then I went to a radio equipment shop because I’ve been wanting to replace the current FM CB radio transceiver in my truck with a new AM/FM radio – mainly because I wanted to hear the truckers on the motorways and they are speaking on AM. So, in the store I was and funnily they had the one I wanted in stock, most probably because I had the necessary money on the bank card (which I wasn’t initially planning to spend on the radio, ofcourse) and such things always know how to pull my wallet empty at the right time, it’s almost like a miracle. I talked 10% off the price and walked away with the transceiver.

I was now eager to get the truck into the yard and begin retro-fitting the new toys. Firstly I installed the frames. It meant removing the old plate housing in the front, measuring the exact screw holes of the frame to drill holes into the truck’s number plate carrier block and finally also drill holes to the right places on the license plate itself since our plates don’t have the standard holes which the US’ have. The end result is very nice, although I believe I need to tilt the plate just a tiny bit cause I was able to notice a slight offset of the frame’s angle against the rest of the vehicle’s nose. Installing the rear frame was easy – just drilling holes to the license plate and screwing the piece on.

Here are some photos for you: