Time to start blogging again

Hi all,

First of all I’m sorry for staying so quiet for so long. Times have been busy at work, but also with the cars :) I have started a new division under my company called Red Rock Decals which is a sticker production firm, mainly creating them for cars. Stickers have been my interest for a long time and I’m hoping to make this business grow quickly. If you ever need anything like flags, signs, texts etc. then please contact me George via www.redrockdecals.com.

I’ve driven the Vette a lot since we’ve had beautiful weather all the time. The interior looks quite new and after a lot of waxing the outside isn’t bad, either. Yesterday we finally got the speedometer fixed!!! I replaced the plastic gear connecting to the cable, tightened the clamp which fastens the cable end, and it now works. What a great feeling to drive without the GPS.

However! Yesterday we also found a big problem – when the car was on the lift we pushed on the top of the wheels and noticed the half shafts move back and forth into the diff assembly by approx half an inch. As much as I’ve found out by now, it seems that while it’s not forbidden to drive like this, I shall fix it ASAP. The side yokes certainly need replacement and there might be other stuff, too. Getting into the diff means releasing it from the frame. Parts and labour I’m estimating near 800 dollars in total. There goes my new exhaust :D

By the way, I wrote this post on my new iPhone 3G. What an awesome phone and writing such long texts is just a bit slower than on the PC.