2015 Challenger SRT 392 Ordered! First in Europe!

Big news from my side – we have ordered a brand new 2015 Challenger SRT 392 which is supposed to arrive next week. A warehouse in Germany had 4 SRT’s in stock and there was one which had exactly the features we wanted. So we bought it! Honestly, I just can’t wait for the car to arrive. Initially it was expected to arrive already tomorrow but there are delays with the model certificate in Europe since it’s in fact the first 2015 Challenger SRT 392 anyone has bought so far in Europe!

Why 2015 Challenger SRT 392?

2015 Challenger SRT 392 Side viewWe’ve been fans of the Challenger model since the new ones came out in 2008. Ofcourse I like the old Challengers A LOT but these are some very expensive hobby cars that you won’t drive in bad weather and only take out of your garage when it’s sunny – meaning a couple of times during the Summer here in Estonia! Just like with my Corvette… The new retro Challenger has been an awesome automobile throughout all the years it has been in production. Ofcourse as a fan of fast cars I have only been a real fan of the SRT family since they actually offer what I value in a car. However, a big downside of the Challenger was the interior. I know it’s not a car you should value for what’s inside but hey – if we pay so much money for a car (at least here in Europe) we want something that’s just as nice to sit in as it is to drive it. There was a lot of plastic in the inside of the Challenger and in my opinion it was even somewhat worse than the Jeep SRT8 I have. The Jeep could use some better details but it’s alright for its year

2015 Challenger SRT 392 Laguna LeatherNow for the 2015 model year the 2015 Challenger SRT 392 has changed BIG TIME. I guess it’s safe to say that it’s not the same car it used to be. Everything has been improved, starting with the looks of the car – the front end is different with its retro looking grille and HID headlights with LED DRL’s around the lamps and LED turn signals inside the inner lamps, surrounding the high beams. I personally just love LED lights, they look so modern and if done nicely, they just add more class to a vehicle. So the new Challenger also has new wheels, 6-piston Brembos in the front instead of the 4-piston ones in the previous years. The rear end has been completely re-done and I absolutely love what they did. The single-piece tail lamp element used to be OK but perhaps a bit outdated in today’s traffic. The new lights look so retro, yet the LED light bars certainly give this 2015 Challenger SRT392 a very modern finish. It seems like ALL of the lights have been done in LED, at least I couldn’t find any regular bulbs in images or videos I’ve watched. Perhaps the backup lamps…?

Inside you will find nothing similar to the previous years of Challenger. The interior has been completely redone and Dodge has managed to create a hell of a vehicle indoors as well. Especially in the SRT model the materials seem to be of high quality and there are two color LED monitors, one between the tach and speedo gauges and the other larger touchscreen on the center console. I just can’t stress enough how much I like the improvements.

What exactly did we order?

Our 2015 Challenger SRT 392 comes in the very rare Ivory White Tri-Coat which resembles the original Vanishing Point back in the days, they say. Ofcourse the Vanishing Point car didn’t have the pearl effect but it was darker than the regular white Challengers they nowadays sell. We also got the Brown Laguna Leather interior which they say is made of leather taken from a special cattle in Sweden and it’s supposed to be quality found in yachts and very expensive furniture. Can’t wait to verify on my own. We basically have all the extras you can order on the SRT model except the decal stripes on the body which I am sure I can install myself. It even has the sunroof which is something I certainly wouldn’t have ordered on my own but the particular vehicle had it so what else can you do than just enjoy it!

I will be writing more about the SRT and there will be high quality videos coming for sure. If you have any questions, feel free to write or add comments.

Suburban and K5 Blazer Sold

So we kind of got tired of the old trucks we had and put them up for sale about more than a month ago. It was a rather hard decision since I had invested quite a bit of money into them and taken those trucks to a lot of car shows, including Power Big Meet 2014 with the K5 Blazer. But I just had a feeling that especially the K5 Blazer simply required too much money all the time and a lot of free time to deal with its issues from its age, lack of proper care from previous owners and also rust problems. The Suburban ran more or less fine but since I had owned it for nearly 7 years it  didn’t really give me that special feeling anymore.

Since the Suburban was a TV star here in Estonia it was even published in a yellow magazine – star-SUV for sale! Funny indeed. As I had put the car ad up the truck sold basically in 24 hours. Pretty amazing, everyone says. I got 4300 EUR for it which I think was fair for a 2WD SUV with 300k + km on the clock.

The K5 Blazer sold for just 2900 EUR although I wanted at least 3500. But the guys were just so eager to get the truck and since there was rust dropping to the ground from several places just by touching these areas with your finger I’d say a 2000-2500 EUR paintjob with bodyworks was imminent anyway.

And then we decided to start looking around for an SRT Challenger… I will be writing more on this and it will get interesting for sure since our new car has been ordered and is about to be delivered in 10 days! I’m just so excited about this.

All the lights are green as fans roll into Vegas for the SEMA Car Show

SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Market Association, though to understand its true flavour you might be interested to learn that its original name was the Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association, though in 1970 it was decided that was just a little less than PC. Every year SEMA holds a trade show in Las Vegas and it attracts around 60,000 visitors. There are several thousand cars on display as well as several thousands of specialist tools and components. Unfortunately it isn’t open to the general public, you have to be a SEMA member to attend.
The SEMA show will be held in the Las Vegas convention centre from the 5th to the 8th November. This year it is on track to have a record number of exhibitors, over 2,500 are expected to attend.
The show addresses many different aspects of the automotive after sales business. These include things to make cars go faster and sound louder, typical boy racer stuff, but there is also a great deal of attention paid to making vehicles safer and more convenient. However you can’t quite take the street racer image away, especially as one of the stars of the show is the Dodge Challenger that featured in the Fast and the Furious, the 2001 movie that was the box office number one grossing over $40 million in the first weekend of its release.
The show’s emphasis is on networking. Delegates from over 130 different countries will attend, and most of them are small business owners so there should be no difficulty in getting together and finding new ways of collaborating and new market opportunities. And the Las Vegas venue means there is plenty of opportunity for having some fun, the casinos are anticipating plenty of trade as the delegates won’t be spending much time in their rooms playing slots games like “Granny Prix” or Avalon II slots. There are also a number of short courses and seminars on various aspects of the industry and its markets.

How We Filmed The Shots in My Latest Corvette Video

I’ve had questions from different people how we filmed the latest How We Found an Old Corvette in the Middle of the Forest (2013) video. Well, we mostly used the Canon 5D Mark II as the camera with a couple of Canon professional zoom lenses, 28mm Prinzflex classic lens, 55 mm Takumar F1.4 classic lens and a rather old Carl Zeiss zoom lens, I believe it was 18-55 or so. We also used an electric camera slider and a professional tripod with a pretty OK Manfrotto video head. We recorded all the audio with Rode VideoMic but we didn’t pay too much attention to the audio recording and therefore the quality is as it is :) The outside shots and driveby shots were filmed with the Manfrotto video head attached to a specially welded metal rack (thanks to my friend Tanel) which was all attached to my Chevy Suburban. The Suburban allows you to lower the rear glasses fully down and therefore it’s quite easy to work out of these windows. I also love how the soft suspension of the truck and its weight kind of stabilize the shots on rough roads.

Here’s a photo of the setup installed to the Suburban:

Canon 5D Camera Rack on Chevy Suburban